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Citizen Promaster Eco Drive Titanium Radio Controlled Men’s Watch: Hi-tech toughness

Citizen’s concept of atomic timekeeping flourished through the Promaster range, the Titanium models soon becoming a favorite to technocrats. It received a world wide acclaim as much as Eco-Drive. The Promaster Titanium targeted the crowd that goes by split-second decisions, its radio controlled accuracy soon became a much-desired phenomenon among travellers, including aviators...



Citizen Aqualand Diver Eco-Drive Men-s Watches

A longstanding misconception needs being addressed first. Contrary to many people holding AQUALAND as a specific model from Citizen, it is actually a class of specific type of watches with specific uses in specific fields. Not that you cannot wear them in the nightclub or on the streets; just make sure you are not one of them who abhors water or hasn’t gone beyond the safe...


Citizen Promaster Aqualand Scuba Diver Watch – For full-time wearing, even outta the water

Citizen Promaster is a high-tech sports watches range that uses leading edge technology to bring in unique functions, enhanced by stylish designs. The Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster collection presents some of the most useful timepieces that incorporate - among other features a depth meter (125 m) and a chronograph (50 minutes) and thats not too common in dive watches. Citizen had...


Unmistakably sporty appeal of Citizen Eco-Drive chronograph sports watches

Be it the Primo Stingray with the rotating, 360o-degree bezel and tachymeter with the 60-minute chronograph or the super accurate atomic timekeeping collection synchronized to the atomic clocks, Citizen’s Eco-Drive chronograph sports watches exude a simple, yet revolutionary philosophy. It is against ethics for a sports watch to stop due to a lack of running power when engaged...



Citizen Eco Drive watches - Renowned for Excellence and Creativity

It’s not that converting light to electrical pulses is rare; the mechanism has been used by many but not the way it’s utilized in the Eco-Drive. The technology – in plain words – catches light on a solar panel that transforms its energy to electrical energy and thereby stores them in appropriate storage units. The magic is, whenever it gets some light, it starts making...


Revolutionary Technology and Unique Design of Citizen Promaster

You want a timepiece with lots of fantasy elements and features that came only in high-end mechanicals? It comes better than that this time, with the Citizen Promaster! Almost two decades of masterful performances place the CITIZEN PROMASTER in the row of bold legends; a clan that exhibits unparalleled durability and functional wizardry – all within the same case! The...


Sports Functionality With Innovative Designs of Citizen Eco Drive

Citizen brought sophistication into rough conditions, which required a multi-way approach towards a single solution. It was in their agenda to combine sports functionalities and innovative designs to create some extreme, multi-function timepieces that you don’t need to leave home when heading for beach volleyball, surfing or heading some rough terrain on two or four wheels....


Most Technologically Advanced Citizen Chronograph Watches

This is a two way statement. On one hand, it certifies the brand and the type as the most technologically advanced (which isn’t always the case); on the other, it points to a list of a certain type by the brand that we may agree to be the most technologically advanced. Whichever way you look at it, the following will help you pick one for which you’ll have no regret.



Luminous Fill & Robustness Of Citizen Chronograph Watches

From the Citizen watch cabinet comes a good selection of watches that come handy in air, ocean and on land and while most of you’ll shout “Promaster!”, old-timers shall probably nod and say - “Tsk! Tsk!” and show you a Blue Angel model. Not that Promaster has it all bad – in fact, they are often brighter than the Blue Angel but well, we all...


Heavily Constructed And Simplistic Style Of Citizen Promaster Watches

Do anything you want to, the Citizen Promasters won’t let you down! While that might sound like one egomaniacal silverback thumping his chest, but reality says glorifying the Promasters are really an understatement. So its better we avoid doing that and look into the plus points instead to reveal what the heavily constructed and simplistic style of Citizen Promaster watches...