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Citizen Eco-Drive AW1260-50E Mens Watch` : Fabulously Lightweight, Impressively Designed


Citizen Eco-Drive AW1260-50E Mens WatchThe best part being:

The Citizen Eco-Drive AW1260-50E Mens Watch is from the house of Citizen, the premier watch makers who designed the Eco-Drive technology. Not only does it take the running cost down to zero but also maintenance and longevity of the watch. The lack of a need to change batteries from time to time keeps the factory seal intact and hence, the total insides free from dust. Plus, it saves the environment from degradation since there are no drained batteries to dispose off.

Looks that kill:

The Citizen Eco-Drive AW1260-50E Mens Watch sports a fabulous design that’s bound to impress any discerning connoisseur. Citizen took special care in maintaining the age-old looks as the world of time keeping has seen from the beginning with its analogue dial instead of following the usual digital trend in sports watches.

The Citizen Eco-Drive AW1260-50E Mens Watch is stately black. The all-over monochromatic theme comes alive with the contrasting and well-defined, silver-toned hour markers and the light grey border along the dial. The dark tone is also maintained well by the lume-coated hands with thin, black borders. The dark, almost tonneau-shaped bezel is screwed on the case, which adds to the watch’s overall appearance an extra dimension.

The strap is made from sturdy canvas and is held together with a buckle clasp while the watch case is topped with a scratch resistant mineral crystal that increases the overall visibility of the dial. The black stainless steel case measures 43mm across and stands 8mm thick, thus making it a good choice for both average and thick wrists.

About the features:

The Eco-Drive movement is definitely the most salient and defining feature of the Citizen Eco-Drive Promaster Depth Meter AW1260-50E Mens Watch; it is completely powered by light and recharges itself with light of any intensity. It is safe to take the watch for recreational water sports including swimming; its 90 feet of water resistance will keep it safe underwater. Plus, the Citizen Eco-Drive AW1260-50E Mens Watch has a built in Insufficient Charge Warning and Overcharge Prevention Function that besides protecting the movement, also lets you know when to feed it some light, in case you are not using it on a daily basis.

The analogue display is efficient when it comes to viewing time with a quick glance and hence, suitable to be worn by a vast age group, including youngsters.


An elegant and reliable timepiece, the Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite AW1260-50E Mens Watch is an awesome and stylish choice with a traditional look, which makes it a suitable piece of functional accessory for just any occasion. It’s durable and inexpensive at the same time and shall fetch you a good value for money unlike the more expensive options from the fashion brands.


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