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Citizen Eco Drive in Watch Stores Online


Citizen Eco-Drive AW1260-50E Mens Watch` : Fabulously Lightweight, Impressively Designed

The best part being: The Citizen Eco-Drive AW1260-50E Mens Watch is from the house of Citizen, the premier watch makers who designed the Eco-Drive technology. Not only does it take the running cost down to zero but also maintenance and longevity of the watch. The lack of a need to change batteries from time to time keeps the factory seal intact and hence, the total insides...


Citizen Eco-Drive Perpetual Calendar Sapphire Men’s Watch

Almost all of us have come across this point: Want a watch that’s more than just a pretty face or fashionably stylish but also not overly technical to raise negative impressions in another’s mind. It should make a vital component of power dressing yet a stunning add-on for every sort of gatherings except for the boisterous ones. No, not quite; if you wear a gold chain, you...


Citizen Eco Drive watches - Renowned for Excellence and Creativity

It’s not that converting light to electrical pulses is rare; the mechanism has been used by many but not the way it’s utilized in the Eco-Drive. The technology – in plain words – catches light on a solar panel that transforms its energy to electrical energy and thereby stores them in appropriate storage units. The magic is, whenever it gets some light, it starts making...


Sports Functionality With Innovative Designs of Citizen Eco Drive

Citizen brought sophistication into rough conditions, which required a multi-way approach towards a single solution. It was in their agenda to combine sports functionalities and innovative designs to create some extreme, multi-function timepieces that you don’t need to leave home when heading for beach volleyball, surfing or heading some rough terrain on two or four wheels....


Exclusive Range of Handy Citizen Chronograph and Eco-Drive Watches

The most important attributes that you'd look for in a watch is excellent time keeping and a long battery life. With the exclusive range of handy Citizen Chronograph and Eco Drive watches, you get all these and more for a reasonable price tag. Citizen is among the top watch manufacturers that strive to create stunning masterpieces by combining innovative technology, precision ...