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Extremely Impressive Functionality Of Citizen Chronograph Watches


Citizen Chronograph WatchesIt's often said that Citizen Chronograph watches make for the perfect gifts. There are reasons behind and unless you are really blind, you can see them right away. To be well worth one's money, a thing needs to be something and here’s why they qualify as products that are highly sought after. But one thing: It's impossible to cover the entire Citizen inventory in a few words, so we will take a look at some of the most impressive features and functionalities, which are enough to make any gadget freak go gaga for quite some time, if not forever.

Firstly, they are powered by light energy. Citizen calls it Eco-Drive and trying to sweeten it any further will be painting the lily. As long as you feed it with light, you don't have to worry about power draining and your watch stopping when it is required the most. Considering the power guzzling nature of chronographs, Eco-Drive comes as a boon.

Next, it's about accuracy and precise time measurement. Citizen Eco-Drive chronographs are extremely (and exceptionally) accurate, some of them even featuring radio-control (or, atomic) timekeeping. They adjust automatically to the radio signals given off by atomic clocks (Citizen has 5 of them in five different locations around the world; namely North America, United Kingdom, Europe, Japan and China); however, you may also sync it on-demand as many times you want.

Another big point about Citizen watches are quite a few of them come with a perpetual calendar and alarms. Together with the radio-controlled timekeeping feature, they ensure you don't need to keep track of the 31st day of the month or leap years, which means, whether it will be March 1st after the 28th or the 29th day of February is no more going to be a concern. The watches are intelligent enough to work that out on their own by reading the signals from the atomic clocks. And that applies not only for your local time zone but for as many as 29 time zones all around the world. Set the mode, select the zone and there you go!

For those who don't have time to go through extensive descriptions, following are a few points that shall help to understand the functionalities of a Citizen watches eco drive better.

* A-T: Denotes the watch is radio-controlled (atomic timekeeping).
* World Time: For 26, 29 or 39 World Cities.
* Stopwatch: 1 second to 1/20 Second chronograph, measuring up to 60 Minutes.
* Perpetual Calendar: No need to manually adjust the 31st day; not even leap years.
* Am/PM Indicator: Let's you tell time in 12/24 Hour format.
* Power Reserve Indicator: Once you are reaching rock bottom, the seconds-hand moves once every two seconds.

Water Resistance: 200 meters, to ensure you do not need to leave it home while going for some serious water sports.


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