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Fossil Aeroflite 100M Three-Hand Date Tan Leather AM4554 Mens Watch


Fossil Mens WatchCombine your passions for aviation and watches and what you get is the Fossil Aeroflite 100M Three-Hand Date Tan Leather AM4554 Mens Watch. This is one of those watches that you run across suddenly and it catches your eyes in a flash. At 44mm (excluding crown) across and 12mm thickness and 22mm lugs it is a piece that’s true to size for medium to thick wrists.

The details of the Fossil Aeroflite 100M Three-Hand Date Tan Leather AM4554 Mens Watch are very attractive. It features a VERY easy-to-read dial, a crown at 4'o'clock position and a nice, brushed finish, but wait till you get a closer inspection. There are many other smaller details that truly complete the picture.

These are the small, polished surfaces at the edge of the lugs and the bezel and that’s one continuous stretch. The crystal is slightly domed and the very substantial buckle also bears the Fossil sign, which are not very common things among watches in this price range.

As for the weight, it’s hefty but not overly hefty unlike many other watches whose manufacturers do it to camouflage the cheap quality of materials and bulk it up with the quantity, especially the case. Good stainless steel has a nice weight and feels very sturdy, contrary to cheap quality steel with a lot of unnecessary bulk to bring the same effect. As for the strap, it’s very soft, quality brown leather, which is also a factor that sets it apart from other fashion Discount Fossil Watches.

The movement is a solid and reliable Miyota 2415 engine in a rugged 3 hand configuration and features a date function. It’s exotic in the sense that it can take a lot compared to the cheap Chinese movements most of the other fashion watches come with. It’s timeless technology keeping time without any hitch.

All that said, the Fossil Mens Watches has INTERCHANGEABLE COMPATIBILITY. Any 22mm strap that you come across shall fir between its lugs, which brings a vast choice ifyou are looking for any sort of modification. That’s adding more styles and colours to your existing Fossil Aeroflite. This proves a boon since the Aeroflite has a depth rating of 10 ATM; you can’t wear the leather strap when playing water polo or go for a quick dip at the community pool on the weekends.

Overall, the Fossil Mens Watch is built to give you company on your every walk of life save a spacewalk or a stroll at the ocean bed. But otherwise, it will stay as a faithful and reliable accessory that doesn’t compromise in the face of adverse situations.


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