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Orient Automatic 21 Jewels Multi Year Calendar FEU00002KW Men’s Watch


Orient Automatic Mens WatchThe multi-year calendar watch is unique due to its ability to put any month’s calendar on its face. It will give you instant solutions to problems related with matching days and dates in different months, years or weeks. The mechanism inside is original, in-built and mechanical. It’s the kind of movement that brings satisfactory impressions.

This makes the Orient Star Standard Date Multi Year Calendar FEU00002KW Men’s Watch a tool for busy executives, businessmen, astrologers, astronomers, doctors – just anybody! If fixing meetings and setting works for a different time, the Orient Automatic 21 Jewels Multi Year Calendar FEU00002KW Men’s Watch offers sound practicality together with telling time.

Here’s an opportunity to handle the multi-year calendar watch. It is one of the newer designs but nevertheless stays one of Orient’s signature pieces. This is meant for more formal purposes, so there’s no slide rule.

For operations, there’s a pusher at the 2 o’clock position. Use it to set the multi-year calendar. The crown (at 3 o’clock) is not a screw-down one due to the same reason. In terms of operation, though, it is quite a standard one. Pull it out to the first-click position and set the date; the second-click sets the time.

The seven, vertical columns on the upper dial have the 12 months organized, under which, there is the year disc. It covers 21 years (2003 to 2024). To set the calendar, display the current month by pressing the pusher at 2 o’clock. Press until the current year shows on the disc. Align it to the column under the current month. If it’s leap year, it’ll be marked in red.

The lower dial displays the dates. From 1st to 31st, they are organized under the seven columns, the same way as in a calendar. The day disk stays at the top of the columns; it contains the days from Sunday to Saturday. Both the year and day discs are operated with the pusher.

When the current year is aligned to the column containing the current month, the day disc shall stop at the correct display.

It has been mentioned that it’s perpetual till 2024. After 2024, you will need to set even and odd months and leap years manually. But it’s never going to turn obsolete.

This is a limited edition model. From around of 2,000 units worldwide, a few hundred are left. It’s in memory of the collection’s 50th anniversary! The multi-year calendar’s distinctive indications of time, day, date and year has received an eminent reputation. It evolved from its 1965 predecessor, now with a better surface finish and curved edges. The case back bears a serial number, engraved meticulously. It’s a proof of the authenticity of limited edition models.


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