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Tag Heuer Aquaracer Chronograph Grande Date CAN1011.BA0821 Mens Watch


Tag Heuer Mens WatchThe Tag Heuer Aquaracer is a gorgeous timepiece designed specifically for the deep seas. It is one of the most renowned watches used for undersea diving and by the most dedicated professionals/ Created for professional divers with ideas coming from professional divers, the Aquaracer chronograph has undergone many rigorous tests so far that are considered the ultimate in terms of both water resistance and accuracy.

Crafted to operate flawlessly till 900 feet under the sea, the name Aquaracer itself speaks about its inspirations. It is dedicated to the sport of sailing; it is an arena where requirements, even shorter by a grain, can spell disasters. The Aquaracer, with its unrivalled, sportive distinction, is an affirmative nod to the turbid oceans. Above the dial is a domed, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal, which brings more clarity to the things underneath, offering max legibility in murky, dark waters. So you can guess how the visibility will be outside the water.

Extra functionality comes from the date display and the chronograph; its staggering, 300m of a water resistance making it resistant to every force of nature. The screw-in caseback bears a special diver decoration and the helium valve (at 10’o clock) comes with an extra protective seal. Its inner workings are as impressive as its exteriors. Yes, despite it being quartz.

The watch has several unique features which accommodate deep sea divers and should be noted:

• A three-dial chronograph.
• An unidirectional turning bezel.
• A screw-in crown with double gaskets.

Some might ask what a chronograph is doing in a diving watch. Well, it not only suffices in tracking the time you are under water (and therefore, tells you about the amount of oxygen you have left) but also helps to measure anything where accuracy is paramount! Here, you get the accuracy of 1/10th of a second. Such accuracy and fine division of time has logical relevance for any kind of fun you want to experience with ultimate safety; here, you can take it up to 12 hours at a stretch.

The unidirectionally turning bezel is another safety feature that works as a countdown timer that charts exactly how long you have been engaged in a specific task without engaging the chronograph. Or, to say differently, it helps you to preset the amount of time you want to spend at a job and track the lapse of time. It turns only to the right, so there’s no chance of knocking it with a surface and let the reading to haywire. The six large studs surrounding the bezel ensures you do not lose grip while turning it under wet conditions or when you are wearing thick gloves. The same applies to the oversized, screw-in crown. And the clasp – well, with TAG, you really don’t need to explain things.

All in all, the incredibly accurate, immaculately designed Tag Heuer Chronograph is suitable to people from all walks of life, not just divers.


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