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Unmatched quality of Citizen Watches


Citizen Eco-Drive ChronographThe ultimate and unmatched quality of Citizen Watches can be seen equally in all Citizen watches, from the very traditional to the very contemporary, out of which, some even made it to collectors! It comes from the high-end craftsmanship embodying stellar concepts in high-end materials. Not just in Eco-Drive awesome, but also in its quartz and automatic variants, down to the DCP or the Deployment Clasp! They need a firm, heavy push on the button for the clasp to open and are another example of Citizen’s quality control in making their watches.

Those not familiar with Citizen Eco-Drive Watch, it is a technology to convert light (any light, that is) to electricity and store it as electrical charge for later use by the movement. It’s much like the concept of the rechargeable batteries only with the exception of here is no battery. The ESU (electrical storage unit) is different; they are capacitors with an almost infinite life unless your luck is really, really bad.

It’s a solar panel well hidden under the watch face that caught the light but now, many of the Eco-Drive watches have them around the dial, thus opening larger and better design possibilities. This is when metal dials were introduced and it turned up a whole new side to Eco-Drive.

The ultimate and unmatched quality of Citizen Eco were also present in the Eco-Drive Duo range of watches, now discontinued and is a rare gem in the Citizen arena. Here, there was no solar ray to trap; instead, it was an automatic quartz power source. Another variant to this was the Eco-Drive Thermo using temperature differences to create the charge.

The secret is creating very strong movements with a very strong body and to look pleasant along the way. Under the strict quality control, an ultimate and unmatched quality is the only way to go. Citizen movements get entirely MADE IN JAPAN, giving them an ultimate precision and reliability. For example, even the automatic MIYOTA movement used in the mechanical Citizen watches is as shock-proof as many other high-end Swiss movements. But at the same time, they are easy to repair and handle and don’t cost a fortune for an overhaul. The main plate, the train wheel bridge and all other parts (even the basic) are high-quality METAL, tempered and made superior against large, sudden shocks.

Citizen Eco-Drive Diamond Accented BM6645-53E Men’s Watch unmatched quality and ultimate design concepts show through their designing of OVERLOAD COMPENSATION DEVICEs, POWER SAVING and RESET MECHANISMs and not just Eco-Drive. However, their ultimate is perhaps the automatic time adjustment concepts; formerly, Radio Controlled Timekeeping while now, it’s the Satellite Wave. The watches synchronizes to signals from radio clocks (in Japan, North America and Europe) and from satellites orbiting the Earth, respectively. Check out for more deals on great Discount on Bulova, Seiko, Casio, and Tissot Watches Online for sale.


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